Keep Writing! An Inspired & Simple Approach to Unlocking the Writer Inside of You

26 Feb

“I have this idea for an amazing screenplay but I don’t have the time.” 

“My novel will never get finished and besides I’m not that talented.” 

“I haven’t written in so long. I probably have no ideas.”

“I want to write but I don’t know what I should write or how it should end”

These questions and excuses for self-doubt can actually be solved with two tiny words: keep writing! Professionally produced playwright and published author Sean Paul Mahoney achieved the career he always wanted by applying this simple phrase to his life and work. By simply continuing to write with the support of other writers and creative people, Mahoney was able to squish self-doubt, clobber procrastination and finally finish projects that he always wanted to share with the world. Now, Mahoney is on a mission to help other budding writers embrace the power of these two little words.
Keep Writing! is a six-week seminar which teaches introducing a regular writing practice, setting and reaching creative goals and a solid marketing plan for their completed writing projects. Every Keep Writing! attendee will have an opportunity to workshop their novels, scripts, non-fiction books, memoirs and screenplays with fellow writers in an encouraging and supportive environment lead by a professional, published writer. Participants will leave the course with a 20 page manuscript, new exercises to use when the dreaded writer’s block attacks and a plan of action to get their works out into the world and in front of the right eyes. Mainly, students will Keep Writing in order to overcome fear, self-doubt and old ideas. Classes will consist of guided writing exercises, professional manuscript and idea workshopping and weekly accountability check-ins to help students reach their goals.If you haven’t picked up a pen and written in years, Keep Writing! will have you writing more than you ever have while giving you tools to expand your creative practice.
$125.00 covers all materials, refreshments and costs for this six-week course. Each session is two hours long. Space is limited and classes start this April!

Keep Writing! An Inspired & Simple Approach to Unlocking the Writer Inside of You
April 7th thru May 12th
11 am- 1pm
The Studio @ ABC 2550 South Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222

Reservation Line: (720)276-3719

Sean Paul Mahoney is a published and produced playwright, a blogger, professional copywriter and marketer. From independent magazines and website content to commercial campaigns and ghostwriting, Mahoney loves that his career has allowed him a huge variety of projects to work on. His first play Casual Encounters/Missed Connections played to sold-out audiences in 2012 and will be published this spring by Black Box Theater Publishing. Sean Paul Mahoney believes every person is a writer and that every story deserves to be told.


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